Chinese medicine for cancer

This has always been a bit of a delicate subject. Cancer has been turned into the bogey man of medicine. It has also been so medicalized, or at least been such a target for the medical establishment that they have monopolized treatment, knowledge, and research on the area. Anyone that tries to go near it will be labelled a quack almost instantly.

However, one researcher from the field of Chinese medicine has managed to do just that and has even been published in Oncology. One of the most respected journals in the field. His name is Yair Maimon and he has been researching and publishing on Chinese medicine for cancer for over 15 years. Whilst I can, probably, only describe his research as preliminary it is certainly ground-breaking and has some very promising results.

Chinese medicine formula for cancer treatment

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He has mainly been testing a complex herbal formula dubbed LCS101. Given that other Chinese herbal formulas have names such as; free and easy wanderer; six gentlemen’s decoction; rectify the qi powder worth more than gold; or, my personal favourite, exquisite formula for fostering longevity from the collection multitude of marvellous formulas for sustaining life, it is quite blandly named to say the least.

However, it is not bland in it’s effects! Maimon has now shown that this formula can selectively and effectively target a variety of cancer cells, it does not affect living cells, it can work synergistically with chemotherapy – increasing the effectiveness of the drugs at killing cancer cells, yet it protects against the negative effects of the drugs. It prevented weakness, fatigue, pain, nausea and vomiting and improved quality of life scores. It boosts the immune system by increasing T-cells, natural killer cells and macrophage tumor necrosis factor-α. They also noted that, ‘No toxicity or compromised treatment outcomes were associated with LCS101 exposure’.

To watch a full talk on his research into LCS101 click here

Below is an image of LCS101 being used on cancerous and non-cancerous cells at different doses.

Effects of Chinese medicine formula on cancer types

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